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1. Team chat tokens back to top

When playing team based gametypes, some variables can be injected into say_team messages, so you can inform your teammates about items, health and your intentions.

1.1. Token list back to top

These can be inserted into say_team:
  • %l - current location
  • %h - current health
  • %a - current armor
  • %w - current weapon
  • %b - best weapons?
  • %x - item under crosshair
  • %y - location under crosshair
  • %X - item most recently picked up
  • %Y - location of most recent pickup
  • %d - name of last dropped item
  • %D - location of last dropped item

1.2. Usage examples back to top

bind z "say_team ITEM UP SOON AT %l"
bind x "say_team %x AVAILABLE AT %y"
bind t "drop weapon; say_team DROPPED %d AT %D"


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