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1. Warsow TV Server back to top

As of version 0.4, a TV proxy has been added to Warsow. This page is where you will find information on setup and usage of WarsowTV.

1.1. Players back to top

With Warsow TV you can watch games in progress with your Warsow client. The problem with a lot of highly anticipated matches in the past was if you wanted to watch the game you needed a free slot on the game server, Warsow TV acts as a proxy. The Warsow TV server is connected to the game server and forwards the game data to your client. While the game server may have limited slots, a Warsow TV server is just used to broadcast the games. You can connect to a Warsow TV server with connect ip:port in Warsow console or via the server browser. WarsowTV can also record demos (Automatic demo recording is supported).
  • Type "spectators" in console for WarsowTV player list.

1.2. Admins back to top

WarsowTV is an ordinary specator that takes one slot and is ignored in callvotes. If you want to have your game server broadcasted by an external service you have setup your own WarsowTV or find someone to broadcast your server including providers such as Warsow News or GamesTV and others.

1.2.1. How to set up a WarsowTV server back to top

Edit the config file "basewsw/tvserver_autoexec.cfg" A basic set up inside that config would be like this:
seta logconsole "tvconsole.log"
seta logconsole_flush "1"
//set tv_password "password" // password for users to join
set tv_port 44440
//set tv_rcon_password "rcon_password" // remote administration password. Blank for disallowed
seta tv_name "wswtv"
seta tv_maxclients "32"

After editing execute wswtv_server and type in the console connect ip:port of the server you want to stream.
connect <ip/hostname>[:port] [password] [name] [delay]

  • If no name is specified in the command or it is empty the channel's name will follow server's hostname.
  • It is possible to stream more than one server at once by executing different versions of "wswtv_server +connect ip:port".
  • Also you can control the WarsowTV server via rcon with some server browser.

1.2.2. Working with demo files back to top

  • Demo files can be played either by file pattern or from a demolist file in random or sequential order.
  • The default setting is random.
demo <pattern|playlist> [ordered|random] [name] [delay]

demo tutorials/*.wd10
demo demos/cdc.lst ordered

The first command plays all .wd10 files from /demos/tutorials/ in random order, the second one loops all demos listed in a file demos/cdc.lst, preserving the given order.
Example of a list file (should be newline-separated):

1.2.3. Upstream back to top

To rename an upstream channel issue the following command:
rename <upstream> <newname>

  • If <newname> is empty, the name will be reset to upstream's hostname.
  • It is also possible to record demos from upstream channels. You can start/stop the recording process either directly by manually typing "record" and "stop" commands:
record <upstream> <name>
stop <upstream>

...or by listing the upstream channels (either by number, name, or address) you want the demos to be automatically recorded for in the tv_autorecord cvar, separated by semicolon.
seta tv_autorecord "localhost;;"

If you want demos to be recorded for all channels, tv_autorecord cvar must be set to "*". Autorecording obeys the same rules as client-side "autorecord" command and demo files go into the "demos/tvserver/servername" directories.


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