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Movement is perhaps the most important thing in Warsow. In order to get the most out of Warsow, whether playing online or trying to get your fastest time in the race mode, you will have to become proficient in the "Art of movement".
\\\ image of keyboard layout ///

1. Basics back to top

Without moving the mouse you can run in four directions (eight including diagonals). With the standard keyboard layout they are represented by the keys WASD (forward, left, backward and right). The default key for jumping is the spacebar and for special it is the right mouse button.
A move to the left is often referred to as "strafing left", and the same goes for right.
Speed is measured in UPS (units per second), this is WAR§OW's version of miles per hour or another form of counting speed.
  • You run at 320 UPS
  • Moving your mouse up and down does not affect your movement speed/height, only left and right.
Be sure you have your speed meter on when you are playing (cg_showspeed 1 or options > player > HUD > show speed meter)

1.1. Jumping back to top

When you are in the air, press and hold the jump key before you land. When you touch the ground you will jump immediately. This is how you can maintain speed. It's important to get used to pressing the jump key earlier than you would do it intuitively because the physics-engine will reduce your speed when touching the ground but not when in the air.
  • Use space (default) to jump.
  • You can automatically jump by holding jump-button. There is a clientside cvar cg_noAutohop 1 to disable this behavior.

1.2. Dash back to top

Press the special key and you will perform a dash forward. By using it together with a direction key (forward, backward, strafe left and right or diagonals) you will perform a fast jump in whatever direction you have pressed (something which is commonly known as a dodge). Aside from being used to gain speed when starting to move or evade the opponents shots, this move can be used to make a quick turn in any direction without losing speed. If you have played Unreal Tournament, this is similar to double-tapping a key.
  • Use special key & (optional) +forward, +back, +moveleft or +moveright (on the ground)
  • When you dash, you are AUTOMATICALLY at 499 UPS (this is abusable).

2. Beyond basics back to top

Since the dash height is lower than the jump height, you are able to have slightly more control when moving around maps at speed. Using dashes you are able to decrease the projected distance of your jumps without losing speed. By using this technique you are able to space a few jumps closer together.

2.1. Bunny Hopping back to top

Bunny Hopping in WAR§OW is the easiest way to navigate maps quickly. To bunny hop, hold +forward (default "W") and jump (default "spacebar".) Use your mouse to look towards the direction you want to move to.

2.2. Strafe Jump back to top

Strafe Jumping is quite simple. To strafe jump, while you are airborne hold a strafe key and forward, and move your mouse in the same direction you are holding strafe. When you hit the ground, alternate strafe keys, and move your mouse the corresponding direction.

Strafe Jumping is most effective when you want to accelerate, but also want to move in a straight line. If done properly, you will not move diagonally, but instead straight forward. You will also notice that you speed up when you hit the ground and jump again.
A video of strafe jumping can be found here.

2.3. Circle Jump back to top

There are two flavors, left and right. To do a left circle jump, you run forwards and strafe to the left, then move your mouse to the left, and when you turned about 90 degrees, you jump. To get optimal results, you continue with strafejumping (moving the mouse further to the left).

To understand why that is better than just jumping, we'll do a little test. The normal running speed is 320 ups. Which means your initial speed when you jump is 320. Now run forwards, and move your mouse around. Don't jump, just observe the speed meter. It will go up to >400 if you do it right, but only for a split second. So what you need to practice is:
  1. To move your mouse in a way that gives you the best acceleration,
  2. to jump when you reach the maximum speed, and
  3. a smooth transition to strafejumping.
Try enabling cheats and practice with time slowed down. (Enter "timescale 0.333" in the console to slow down the game by a factor of 3. "timescale 1" is normal speed.) Then gradually increase the game's speed.

Circle walking / zigzagging: Repeating the Circle Jump motion on ground (same as above) allows you to move quickly without making any noise.

2.4. Old and New Movement back to top

The clientside cvar cg_oldmovement, completely changes the way aircontrol works. When using newmovement ( cg_oldmovement "0" ), aircontrol ( +forward ) acts similarly to bunny hopping. This makes it easier for new players to turn, because sharp turns can be performed with only +forward.
The defecit to this is that sharp turns cause a loss of speed, and it is harder to switch sides when strafe jumping without loosing speed. For this reason, racers almost exclusively use cg_oldmovement "1".

With cg_oldmovement "1", aircontrol and bunny hopping are very different things. Players familiar with CPMA or Quake World, might prefer to use oldmovement. In this case, aircontrol provides limited turning, for fine adjustments on direction. For coarse adjustments, you must bunny hop by holding +moveright or +moveleft depending on the direction you are turning your mouse.

With good bunny, the control in turning with oldmovement is the same or better than using new movement. Also, you do not loose speed with wide mouse angles while using +forward, meaning you do not loose speed changing sides while strafing. Finally, you have two distinct turning techniques while in the air each good in different cases. Overall, oldmovement is more versatile and faster; however, it is harder to use and requires more attention to the key-mouse synchronization in movement.

3. Using the environment back to top

3.1. Walls back to top

  • Wall Jump: You can jump off walls by pressing the special key when you come in contact with a wall. Your velocity from the wall is dependent of the speed you had when touching the wall. It is also worth noting that the angle at which you bounce off the wall is dependent upon the angle of the wall.
    • The wall jump can be used every 1.5 seconds unless you touch a horizontal surface.
    • The wall jump can be used to keep yourself airborne for longer periods of time, etc.
    • You can't walljump off of other players, noimpact brushes and sky brushes.
  • Wall Strafe: Pressing strafe and forward along a wall will accelerate you to 400ups on ground. This allows you to move quickly through hallways without making any noise. Also useful to jump places you cant circle jump/dash to. Controls used: +special (on a wall (xx degree vertically aligned surface?))

3.2. Ledges, boxes, stairs, ... back to top

  • Double Jump: To perform a Double Jump, a player must jump onto a ledge and then quickly jump again. The second jump will be higher than the first. The lower the edge the faster the two jumps need to be performed.
  • You can also do a Double Jump on stairs. If you perform a Double Jump while moving with speed, you will gain a lot of air time. Controls used: +moveup & +moveup (on a step smaller than x but bigger than y)
  • Double Dash Jump (DDJ): similar to doing a Double Jump. You dash into a ledge and quickly jump to achieve similar results to a Double Jump. This technique is most useful on ledges too small in height for a Double Jump to work (e.g. a step or slightly elevated platform).
  • Example: Various Double Jumps on wdm1
  • Dash Double Jump (aka Gooch Jump): This jump is best preformed on stairs. Similar to a Double Jump on stairs, but instead of jumping twice, you jump, turn 180 and dash. This will give you the height of a double jump, but also let you change direction much quicker.
  • Examples:
    Warsow: Gooch Jump @ wdm3 gj2rg+
    Warsow: Gooch Jump @ wdm3 gj2mhplat
    Warsow: Gooch Jump @ wdm1 gj2mhplat
    Warsow: Gooch Jump @ wbomb1 gjXwindow
    Warsow: Gooch Jump @ wdm5 gj2eb+
    Warsow: Gooch Jump @ wctf1 gj2uhplat

3.3. Ramps back to top

A Ramp is simply using the slanted surface of an object (a ramp or something like it - no stairs) to gain more vertical height.
Example: the rail on the staircase on WDM1.
  • Ramp Slide: A ramp slide is very simple to do. When you are on a ramp, simply press the special key. You will slide up the ramp at the same speed until you move off or the ramp ends.
  • You can also slide up ramps without pressing the special key, but simply landing on it while moving with speed.
  • Ramp Jumping: Simply jump or dash at the end of a ramp or a stair (these count as well)
  • Ramp Surfing: when you slide along a ramp's side, keeping your speed. To do this, aim parallel to the ramp's edge, and hold the strafe key that will prevent you from falling off. A downwards ramp will increase your speed and an upwards one will decrease it to 0, and then you will start falling backwards on it.

4. Weapon assisted movement back to top

4.1. Rocket Launcher back to top

  • Rocket Jump: when you use the splash damage and knockback of the Rocket Launcher on yourself to gain more height and/or speed.
  • To do a rocketjump, aim at a nearby surface and fire a rocket at that surface and jump simultaneously. Usually rocketjumps are performed to gain height; by shooting on the ground and jumping at the same time. You can also use rockets to accelerate yourself while kicking on a wall, to do so, kick off the wall and shoot it with a rocket simultaneously.
  • Rocket Walljump: This is when you shoot a rocket against a wall while dashing from it. This is a very powerful jump which can boost you to very high speeds. There are several ways to perform a rocket walljump. You can make a quick look to side and shoot, make a 360° turn straight after shooting the rocket on the wall, look at the wall you want to RWJ from and do everything backwards. Just keep shooting at walls, dash and try out how you get your best results, with or without strafing/turning and so on.
  • Seems like the same as Rocket jump with the "controls used" explanation, merge?

4.2. Grenade Launcher back to top

  • Grenade Jump: First get yourself the Grenade Launcher.
  • This trick is when you shoot a grenade at the ground, standing on it/walking over it and then pressing the "jump"-button in the same second as it explodes. This is a very powerful trick which will boost you up in a high speed, which is useful if you want to get up on a higher floor in a short time. Its also possible to get a boost to other directions, but this trick is mostly used for boosting the player straight up.
  • Double Grenade jump: Immediately after doing a Grenade Jump launch a second grenade upwards which, if timed correctly, gives you another boost.

4.3. Plasmagun back to top

  • Plasma Climb: First get yourself the Plasma Gun.
  • Then move next to a wall and look a bit over the edge where the wall meets the ground, while at the same time facing the wall. Hold the forward key all the time. Press jump and start shooting your plasma at the same time. When you do it in the correct way (depends mostly on the angle you are shooting at the wall) you won't get slower and you can climb as long as you got ammo. If looking straight forward is 0 degrees and straight down is 90 degrees, the optimum plasma climb angle is 71 degrees below the horizon.
  • Plasma Slide: Works like a plasma climb but you just need some speed along a wall. Then don't press any strafe keys and do the same like you would perform a plasma climb. You will slide on the wall and perhaps gain some height (depends on your sidewards speed)
  • If you are standing still and want to do a plasma slide, aim straight at the wall as if you were going to plasma climb it. Now hold forward and strafe in the direction you want to start moving. When you are moving at full walk speed, jump and let go of strafe, and plasma climb as normal. You will retain your 320 speed but also climb.
    If you want to gain speed on the wall, turn so you are looking down and back at the wall (so the plasma splash will speed you up). You will have to hold down strafe and also forward so you don't get pushed away from the wall.
  • Plasma Ice: This is a very advanced technique. First you must crouch and dash backwards while looking straight down. Just before you land, begin firing the plasma gun and hold crouch. If done properly, you will float on the knockback and not hit the ground while continually gaining speed.
  • Example: rlx|Strangelove - Rawr 5.816 (Need to check that this is true plasma-ice and not just ice with the plasmagun. It will look like this anyways.)

5. Videos back to top

5.1. Warsow Movement School (by Mote) back to top

5.2. Warsow Movement Tutorial 1 - The Basics (by sjn|Pink) back to top

6. Good maps for practicing movement back to top

7. Inspirational links back to top

Wikipedia articles on various movement and trickjumping techniques:


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