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1. Official maps back to top

Full list of official maps can be found at "About - Maps" section.

2. Unofficial maps back to top

  • acidwdm2: Unbalanced
  • It was was a former official Warsow map. Popular classic map.
    - Author: acid
    - Gametypes: Duel, DM, FFA
    - Players: 2-6
    - Size: 2.25 MB
  • Community map pack (2009-08-26):
  • The Warsow Community map pack is a compilation of maps created by the Warsow community. All the maps contained in this package belong to their respective authors, who have given permission for redistribution in this archive.
    Download (124M)

3. Map creation back to top

You can read about map creation making in the Warsow wiki Mapping.


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