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1. How to contribute localizations to Warsow back to top

This post intends to serve as a quick guide on how each and every member of the Warsow community can contribute to Warsow project through creating and improving localizations on different languages.

1.1. Current way back to top

There is public project of Warsow Localizations. At first you need to sign up in order to edit localizations:

It is quite simple and useful: there are overall translation progress bars, possibility to find only missing strings, you can use different available languages as a source. Developers grab translations from Onesky before releasing next version of the game.

Translation consists of 4 part: main, cgame, ui & tutorial. Also not all available strings are shown at one page, make sure you have checked bottom right to see over pages.

You can send your feedback or suggestions here.

1.2. Old way back to top

Old way to start working on a new localization would be to base it on an already completed localization. If you have installed Warsow, all the currently included localizations already reside on your computer. Here’s how to get your hands dirty:
  • You can find the localization files by opening the file Warsow 2.1/basewsw/data0_21.pk3 file with compatible archiver software, such as WinRAR or 7-Zip
  • After opening the data0_15.pk3 file, extract the l10n folder into Warsow 2.1/basewsw/
  • A single language localization consists of three separate .po files. Create a copy of the Russian localization files (as they are likely the most up to date version at any given time), assign them a name fitting your desired language (preferably based on, and start editing the .po files using Poedit (, a free tool available for Windows, Linux and OSX. If for some reason poedit does not work for you, you can alternatively use any modern text editor. However, this way you’ll need to be extra careful to avoid breaking anything, and to remember to encode all the .po files in UTF-8 without BOM.

  • After you are finished with your translation, you can submit it to this thread for the developer team to review. If everything goes well, your work will be included in future releases of Warsow!


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