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1. Windows back to top

There are two methods of installing Warsow on Windows, the first and recommended method is the installer. Simply run the installer and follow the on-screen instructions. The installer will also register certain file extensions for in-game use meaning you will be able to double-click on demo files to play them.
Warsow is also shipped in a zip archive, for this method all you need to do is extract the contents where you want the game to be stored (be sure to keep the folder structure). File extensions will not be registered using this method, meaning you will not be able to double-click demo files to play them. Use this method if you prefer a portable installation.

2. Linux back to top

Most linux users will know how to extract any archive, but here's the command just in case:
tar xzf warsow_1.0_unified.tar.gz
unzip warsow_1.0_unified.tar.gz

You will now have a new folder called "warsow_1.0_unified", in which you’ll have to make some files executable:
chmod u+x warsow warsow.i386 warsow.x86_64

After this, you can just run War§ow by using the "warsow" script.

2.1. Gentoo back to top

War§ow is in Gentoo’s official portage archive as games-fps/warsow. Accept the unstable keyword if necessary.

2.1.1. USE Flags back to top

angelscript: Build angelwrap, enabled by default and probably required
openal: Build OpenAL sound module, recommended
irc: IRC support
server: Enable this if you want to build server binaries in addition to the client
dedicated: Enable this if you only want to build the server binaries

2.1.2. Emerge Example back to top

echo "games-fps/warsow ~" >> /etc/portage/package.keywords
echo "games-fps/warsow openal irc" >> /etc/portage/package.use
emerge warsow

Add the user(s) who should be able to run Warsow to the "games" group:
gpasswd -a USER games

2.2. Arch back to top

War§ow is in Archlinux's repositories. To install it using pacman run:
sudo pacman -S warsow warsow-data

2.3. Fedora 7, Fedora 8, Fedora 14 and openSUSE 11 back to top

You will get an error from Warsow about a particular file which is present on your Fedora 7/8/14, openSUSE 11 install but not in the filename Warsow is looking for. You will have to sym link this file in order to work around that. You will need your system's root password to perform the following command in your linux terminal: (Replace /usr/lib with /usr/lib64 for 64bit version)
ln -s /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/

2.3.1. openSUSE 11/12 back to top

Warsow is available in openSUSE games repositories.

2.4. Source Mage back to top

A binary release of War§ow is available in z-rejected grimoire, just:
cast warsow-bin

2.5. Ubuntu back to top

Warsow is available in the Ubuntu repository. It is under the Games and Amusements (Universe) section. Alternatively you can install the latest version of Warsow using third-party repositories like Playdeb. Alternatively Warsow can be compiled from sources - Compiling on Ubuntu 12.04/12.10.

2.5.1. ERROR: Received signal 11 back to top

If you get following message during the start-up of the game on Ubuntu:

----- finished R_Init -----
------- sound initialization -------
Loading sound module: openal
Loading OpenAL library:
Loading OpenAL library:
Failed to load OpenAL library:
ERROR: Received signal 11

Try following commands in Konsole/Terminal:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install libopenal1

2.6. How to register demo-file extension back to top

Registering of demo-file's extension meaning you will be able to double-click on demo files to play them. Here are examples how to associate Warsow 1.0x demos (.wd15):

2.6.1. KDE 4 back to top

  1. System settings -> Common Appearance and Behavior -> File Associations
  2. Press "Add":
    1. choose group "application"
    2. "Type name": "warsow-demo" (it could be anything you want)
    3. press OK (screenshot)
  3. Then choose your type in "application" tree -> warsow-demo
  4. Fill the the "General" tab:
    1. if you want you can set icon for .wd15 files by pressing on the big gray square and choosing the image file. (warsow icon)
    2. Filename Patterns -> Add -> Extension: *.wd15 -> "OK"
    3. Description: anything you want, i.e. "Warsow 1.0 Demo" (screenshot)
    4. Application Preference Order - > "Add":
      1. if you has Warsow installed from repositories (i.e. from, search for Warsow in "Known Applications" -> Games -> Arcade -> Warsow
      2. if you use portable Warsow, then search for Warsow bins by "Open file dialog". i.e: /home/adem/games/warsow_1.02/warsow
    5. add following cmd to string: +demo "%u". i.e: /home/adem/games/warsow_1.02/warsow +demo "%u" and press "OK" (screenshot)
  5. Press "Apply" and restart KDE (Log Out/Log in). (screenshot)

2.6.2. GNOME 3 back to top

  • Open terminal and type:
mkdir ~/.local/share/icons #to make sure you have this folder
wget -O ~/.local/share/icons/warsow.png #save warsow icon
mkdir ~/.local/share/applications #to make sure you have this folder
gedit ~/.local/share/applications/warsow-demo.desktop #create menu entry file

  • Insert this text to the text editor:
[Desktop Entry]
GenericName=Play a warsow demo
Exec=path/to/warsow/executable +demo %f

Specify path to warsow folder and warsow executable and save the file.
  • Open file browser.
  • Right click on any .wd15 file -> open with other application -> show other applications -> warsow-demo -> set as default


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