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1. Normal weapons (NW) VS. Insta (I) back to top

Instagib is an alternate gametype where a single shot can instantly frag an enemy from any range. All players carry only a special Instagun, which can fire lethal shots at incredibly high velocities, but with a slow rate of fire. Since there are no other weapons, ammo or other types of pickups to collect, gameplay tends to be very fast-paced with a heavy emphasis on reflexes, hand-eye coordination and positioning, as opposed to resource management and control. The word "instagib" is derived from the terms instant and gib (a gory body fragment).
  • No items or Power Ups available
  • Player shield - It is activated by crouching and has a warmup time.

2. Gametypes back to top

2.1. One vs All/One back to top

2.1.1. Duel back to top

  • One VS One
  • You start with only Gunblade
  • Items and power ups available.


2.1.2. Duel Arena back to top

  • One VS One
  • There's a player qeue, winner plays the next round, loser returns to the bottom of the qeue.
  • Winner: the player that gets first to the preset amount of "wins"

2.1.3. DM – Deathmatch back to top

  • One vs All, everyone is on his own.
  • Your goal is simply to get as many frags as possible.
  • Items and power ups available.

2.1.4. FFA – Free for all back to top

  • Anything goes
  • Videos:

2.2. Team-based gametypes back to top

2.2.1. TDM – Team Deathmatch back to top

  • Team-based Deathmatch.
  • Often 4on4 or 2on2.
  • Items and Power Ups available


2.2.2. CA – Clan Arena back to top

Clan Arena is very similar to standard deathmatch, in that players battle it out against each other for survival. The major differences are that the players are split into two teams and all start with certain resources (including weapons, health, and armor) and that all resources are removed from the map (preventing players from improving their condition). These two conditions focus the gameplay towards fighting and away from more traditional deathmatch techniques that involve resource domination.
  • Each Clan Arena game contains one or more rounds. Each round begins by spawning players randomly throughout the map, or arena.
  • Once a player is fragged, he or she is removed from play, and allowed to spectate.
  • When one team has no more players in the arena, the other team wins the round and the next round begins.
  • The team that wins the most rounds, wins the game.

2.2.3. Bomb & Defuse back to top

  • There are 2 teams. One team attacks, and the other defends. At halftime the tasks are swapped and attackers become defenders.
  • If you are attacker, the goal of your team is to place a bomb in one of the 2 spots marked as A or B before the time reaches zero. One member of the team is given the bomb, the other members escort him to one of the bomb spots. You can see the A and B symbols on the screen which help you reaching the spots.
  • When the player with the bomb reaches the spot the bomb is dropped, and a circle appears around it. One player of the attacker team (not necessarily the bomb carrier) has to touch that circle until the bomb is armed. Once the bomb is armed their mission is to stop the defenders from disarming it before it explodes. If it explodes the attackers win.
  • When playing as defender your mission is to stop attackers from planting/arming the bomb. If they get to arm it, any member of the defender team can defuse it by touching the circle around the bomb. If the bomb is disarmed, the defenders win.
  • If every defender dies the attackers win. If every attacker dies and the bomb hasn't been armed, the defenders win.


2.2.4. CTF – Capture The Flag back to top

  • Try to capture your enemies flag
  • In order to capture the flag, you have stand for a couple of seconds on the enemies flag.
  • In order to score you have to return the flag to your base and stand for a couple of seconds on your teams flag location.
  • When the enemy flag-carrier is fragged, you can walk over your dropped flag to return it to your base.
  • CTF is usually played with teams consisting of 5 players.
  • Items and powerups are available

  • Usually a CTF team is divided into 2 parts: the “offence” or “attackers”, and the “defence”. A normal game setup is 2 players defending the base and 3 attackers. Players usually are specialised in defence, or offence.
  • For defence, path-anticipation, aim and blocking skills are important. Slowing down an enemy flag-carrier usually is enough to gain enough time. Riot Gun, Plasma Gun, Laser Gun or Rocket Launcher are usually a good choice to slow down a flag-carrier. Going after the flag carrier is usually not done nor a good idea. Defending the flag-point to prevent enemies from giving their flag-carrier more time is usually more important, unless you know the player having the flag is capable of “fast-capping”, and your team’s offence is having trouble getting into the enemy base (in order to take the enemy flag and return your own flag by fragging their flag-carrier).
  • For offence, speed, good movement, timing and skills with any weapon are very important. A good attack run should be synchronised. The flag carrier's job is to get out of the enemy base as fast as possible. The support’s task is to control the enemy flag-point as long as possible after the flag-carrier is gone, and returning your own flag when you're in a cross-cap situation.

2.3. Race back to top

  • Try to get the best time by finishing the set race course on the map as quickly as possible!
  • Often no items or Power Ups available (depending on the map).

2.4. Community provided gametypes back to top

... or browse the forum

3. Pickup VS. Public back to top

#warsow.pickup is an IRC Channel, in which you can find players to play our beloved game “WAR§OW”. For participating you will of course need the current version of the game. Pickup is made for players, who are looking for some more “serious” gameplay than they can find on public servers. However, that does not mean that everyone playing pickups has to be an amazing player, or any good at all. Pickup is not just for those “pros” of the community, it is a tool for those new to the game to get to know gametypes and improve also.
More info can be found here


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