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1. General Questions back to top

1.1. What Does Warsow Mean? back to top

  • First of all, Warsow was a reference to Joy Division. They were a British post-punk band of late 70's and early 80's previously named Warsaw (with an A, as in the capital of Poland).
  • Warsow quickly turned into an acronym: Warriors of Alternate Reality - Slaughters Over the Web.
  • SoLomoNK wasn't totally satisfied by the acronym and during the ongoing development searched for a new one. One which would bring a real and strong message...
  • Finally, years after, a new acronym was born. One that matches perfectly with Warsow's spirit:
Warsow is the Art of Respect and Sportsmanship Over the Web

1.2. What are Warsow's Plans and Goals? back to top

  • Promoting the philosophy of, "Do it yourself."...
  • Finishing what we started...
  • Most of all though, having fun making and playing the game...

1.3. What is Warsow's Team Profile? back to top

  • An internationally based development team.
  • As leader, SoLomoNK likes to think of himself as the Hobbit, from J.R.R.Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings.
  • The team itself is like the Fellowship, fighting chaos and doing their best to make dreams come true.

1.4. What is Warsow's "Trix" System? back to top

  • Besides the tried and true tricks from titles like Quake which include circle jumping and the like. Warsow features it's own special moves.
  • These moves include; Walljump, Dash, Dodge, Ramp Slide, and the famed Double Dash Jump all preformed with the use of a single key (space bar by default).
  • This creates endless learning curves as you progress from simply knowing a map to feeling it.

2. Why did you choose celshading? back to top

  • We never wanted to follow nowadays realistic hype with ultra powered GFX
  • The idea too was to reduce violence content, letting the game being clearer for gamers, and more eyes-friendly for spectators
  • Jet Set Radio (Jet Grind Radio in US) opened a very interesting way, but we were inspired by and explored comics and SF. Why celshading would fit only to manga, after all?

3. Why limit wall jump to one per 1.5 seconds? back to top

  • In a land where everybody has super powers, there would be no super heroes
  • The key to good gameplay is a good balance of rewarding and frustration
  • It became definitely obvious with the trix ladder 0.1 that the 2 wall jumps limit was allowing too many ways and shortcuts, it was killing the challenge

4. Where do I find my config / demos / screenshots / etc? back to top

  • (Windows All) %APPDATA%\Warsow 2.1\basewsw
    • (Windows XP) C:\Documents and Settings\<User>\Application Data\Warsow 2.1\basewsw
    • (Windows 7/8.1/10) C:\Users\<User>\AppData\Roaming\Warsow 2.1\basewsw
  • (Linux) ~/.local/share/warsow-2.1
  • (Mac OS X) ~/Library/Application Support/Warsow 2.1/basewsw
  • (Android) /sdcard/Android/data/gg.warsow/files/2.1/basewsw

5. What’s stun? back to top

  • There is stun effect after you get hit.
  • While stunned, a player can not walljump.

6. How to Dash? back to top

  • Dash allows quick accelerations on the ground
  • Simply press Special Key when on the ground

7. How to Dodge? back to top

  • Dodge allows quick and powerful sidesteps on the ground
  • Press Special Key + Any Strafe key when landing after a jump

8. How to Wall Jump? back to top

  • You can use walls while jumping for a powerful rebounds
  • Press Special Key when touching a wall during a jump

9. How to Ramp Slide? back to top

  • Ramp slide lets you make a continuous Dash on ramps
  • Press Special Key when running along any ramp

10. How to Dash Double Jump? back to top

  • Dash Double Jump allows a powerful rebound on lower edges than for usual Double Jumps
  • Press Special Key then quickly press Jump when touching a small edge

11. How to change Movement type? back to top

  • New movement is a default movement
  • To change it, use cg_oldmovement command: 1 for old, 0 for new

12. How to download a server side demo aka MVD? back to top

  • Connect a server
  • Type in console "demolist" for list of available demos and find the demo you want to download
  • Type in console "demoget" with your demo number ( Example: demoget 123 )
  • You will see a progress-bar on your monitor. You can also type in console "downloadstatus" for download status.

13. How to manage with Bots? back to top

  • Connect to server/make your own sever, than type in console "callvote numbots <value>"
  • If you don't want to play vs Bots you should type "callvote numbots 0"
  • On some severs voting for numbots is not accepted. Type in console "players", watch for number of bot (i.e 0), then type "callvote kickban <number>" (i.e callvote kickban 0)

14. How do I set custom resolution? back to top

You can setup custom resolution for Warsow by opening the console:
vid_mode -1
vid_customheight h
vid_customwidth w

Where h is the height and w the width of the screen.

15. Why I can't login in game? (MM Login: Failed, No session id) back to top

  • Wrong username or password.
  • Some bizarre chars in the password.
  • Client has crashed and left ghost session floating. In this case it gets cleaned in 5-10 minutes and you should be able to login again.

16. How do I change UI localization / language? back to top

  • Open console by default it is "~"
  • type /lang <language code>. i.e: English: /lang en
possible lang codes: en, de, es, fi, fr, hu, it, ja, nl, pl, ru, tr, zh
  • press Enter and restart the game or /vid_restart in console

17. Why my screen went completely gray when I run Warsow? back to top

It is likely your video card not capable of running Warsow in its default config. To resolve it you can try:
  • On Windows you can edit the shortcut and add this as a launch parameter: +exec profiles/low
  • On Linux run Warsow with the following console command: warsow +exec profiles/low

18. How to set up IRC client (Xchat)? back to top

  • Download, install and start it up
  • Follow screenshots:
    • Type YOUR NICNAME instade of "user".
    • Field "Favorite Channels": preffered channels separeted by COMMAS, not SPACES. i.e: #warsow,#warsow.pickup,

    • After you get connected


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