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1. Websites back to top

Here are a few links dealing with Warsow’s community:

1.1. Community News back to top

1.2. National community sites back to top

Want your Warsow page linked here? Just login to and add it. (Please don't add non-WAR§OW related sites.)

2. IRC Channels back to top

For people not familiar with IRC - Internet Relay Chat: link
... or just jump in

2.1. QuakeNet back to top

  • #warsow.pickup
  • #warsownews (news type !warsownews for latest news)
  • #lovesow (blog)
  • #warsow.race
  • #artsow
  • #warsow.mapping
  • #esl.warsow
  • #clanbase.warsow
Community channels:

2.2. back to top

  • #warsow (Japanese community)
  • server:
    channel: #warsow
    encoding: ISO-2022-JP

2.3. Gamesurge back to top

  • #warsow
  • server:
    channel: #warsow

2.4. IRC Quotes back to top

If you stumble about something funny being said on some of the Warsow channels, then please add it to the IRC Quotes page.

3. Joining a clan back to top

Get on IRC and public servers, get to know people, start playing duels/2v2/pickup games with people, ask if they are in a clan. Don’t be afraid to ask people! Remember that you can always start a new clan with your newly found friends!

Nick as / nick.clanless / nick.cless to make people understand you are looking for a clan. Try to find servers you like and become a regular there, and you’ll be sure to get to know a couple of Warsow players.


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