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1. What is WARSOW? back to top

Warsow is a First Person Shooter (FPS) designed for online play, inspired by the fast paced shooters of the late 1990's and early millenium. Although many similarities to Quake 3 Challenge ProMode Arena and Unreal Tournament exist within the game, Warsow stands out as a unique experience. The development team has sought to create a fun, fast, and action-packed game which may be seen as a critique and as an ethical alternative to the many realistic, slow, and warfare-orientated MMS's that saturate today's FPS market.

2. Concept back to top

Warsow is...
  • a standalone game for Windows, Linux, and Mac under General Public License.
  • an eSports oriented FPS.
  • a game focused on speed, trickjumps, art of movement.
  • a title that uses cell-shaded graphics to fuse themes including cyberpunk, industrial, and sci-fi.
  • a homage to games including QuakeWorld, Jet Set/gring Radio, and other previously mentioned titles.
  • the Art of Respect and Sportsmanship Over the Web...

3. Philosophy back to top

Warsow will...
  • always be open source.
  • always have public development.
  • always have a direct connection to the community.
  • always be by gamers, for gamers.
  • always be garage/indie in spirit: homebrew games for the win.

4. What Sets Warsow Apart From Other Games in the Genre? back to top

  • The focus on movement as a skill with various possibilities of gaining speed and moving throughout levels.
  • A "special-key" - you are able to perform unique trickjumps with this key, such as walljumping and/or dodging.
  • Visual aspect and visibility on the same level of importance. For example, finding visual solutions to problems with both the most eye candy directed settings and the most performance directed one at the same level of ease.
  • Ethics and educational matters such promotion of Respect & Sportsmanship, as well as promotion of self-moderation.

5. Engine back to top

Warsow’s 3D OpenGL game engine is based on QFusion which is an enhanced version of the original Quake II engine.

6. Status back to top

The current public release is version 1.51 which was released June 8, 2014.

7. History back to top

  • 2000:, the e-novel of an e-gamer, launches.
  • 2001: A game design concept which based off of Chasseur de Bots and will come to be known as Warsow begins active development.
  • 2002: Development team recruitment, game design, IdTech 2 (GPL Quake 2 engine) choice, and a first playable version is internally previewed.
  • 2003: First playable version undergoes rigorous internal testing.
  • 2004: Improved graphics and design; all while introducing a new system of armaments.
  • 2005: Warsow is promoted by gamers on ESReality and GIGA TV and acquires its first real community.
  • 2006: Warsow 0.1 (alpha) is released on the 26th of May.
  • 2006: First shoutcast by mote and Vo0 is held by iTG`Tosspot on the 30th of may.
  • 2006: Warsow 0.2 is released on September 14th.
  • 2006: Warsow 0.21 is released on October 16th.
  • 2007: Warsow 0.3 is released on May 15th.
  • 2007: Warsow 0.31 is released on June 29th.
  • 2007: Warsow 0.32 is released on September 1st.
  • 2008: Warsow 0.4 is released on January 19th.
  • 2008: Warsow 0.41 is released on February 10th.
  • 2008: Warsow 0.42 is released on February 28th.
  • 2009: Warsow 0.5 is released on August 27th.
  • 2010: Warsow 0.6 is released on December 19th.
  • 2011: Warsow 0.61 is released on March 17th.
  • 2011: Warsow 0.62 is released on April 30th.
  • 2012: Warsow 1.0 is released on July 28th. The final version of the game, on-line statistics and accounts was introduced.
  • 2012: Assembly 2012 - Warsow Lan Tournament on August 2nd - 5th. (info, pics)
  • 2012: Warsow 1.01 is released on October 8th.
  • 2012: Warsow 1.02 is released on October 14th.
  • 2013: Warsow 1.03 is released on February 5th.
  • 2013: Warsow was submitted to Steam Greenlight on February 9th.
  • 2013: Warsow was Greenlit for releasing on Steam on September 18th.
  • 2014: Warsow 1.5 is released on May 2nd.
  • 2014: Warsow 1.51 is released on June 2nd.
  • 2015: Warsow 2.0 is released on November 30th.
  • 2015: Warsow 2.01 is released on December 19th.
  • 2016: Warsow 2.1 is released on March 27th.


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