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M : Mouse settings

1. sensitivity "3" back to top

This sets the sensitivity of the mouse, a higher value means less mouse movement needed for a full turn

2. m_accel "0" back to top

This variable is responsible for the acceleration of mouse movement. When it's set to "0" (default) the same movement will always make you turn the same degree. The higher the value, the more you will turn when moving the mouse faster.

3. m_accelOffset "0" back to top

with accel style 1: used to weaken the amplification effect for slower movements
with accel style 2: minimum distance on that a mouse move will be registered

4. m_accelPow "2" back to top

for accel style 2 determines the basic rate of accel (as opposed to just m_accel in other styles)
should be greater than 2 to not decelerate

5. m_accelStyle "0" back to top

0 = the movement is proportional to speed of mouse movement.
1 = QuakeLive-style mouse acceleration, ported from ioquake3, m_accelOffset is the rate for which the acceleration will have doubled the non accelerated amplification. horizontal and vertical movement is decoupled.
2 = similar to normal acceleration with offset and variable pow mechanisms and sensCap
see accel_styles

6. m_filter "1" back to top

Changes the amount of smoothing that is applied to your mouse input
0 = off
1 = linear interpolation filtering
2 = extrapolation filtering

7. m_filterStrength "0.5" back to top

Controls the influence of filtering

8. m_pitch "0.022" back to top

Changes the amount of mouse sensitivity that is applied to your up and down mouse movements.

9. m_raw "1" back to top

1 = raw mouse input (default)
0 = disable raw mouse input (not presented on linux)

10. m_sensCap "0" back to top

upper limit for sensitivity (accel style 2)

11. m_yaw "0.022" back to top

Changes the amount of mouse sensitivity that is applied to your side to side mouse movements.


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